John Bolloten is a documentary photographer based in Bradford, UK.

John has published five books to date: "Bradford Street" (2014); "Belgrade" (2015); "Shabash" (2016), "Nothing To See Here" (2017) and "Field of Broken Dreams" (2018).

Praise for his "Nothing To See Here" book includes "Britain photographed at it’s most brutal and bleak; it’s Bradford and uniquely Bolloten." (Peter Dench); "Wow! Recommended." (Boogie); "Great book. I wish you all the best and that the fucking establishment isn't ignoring you. They try to let you starve until you give up. And when you're dead or dying they discover you." (Miron Zownir); "Beautiful images from the front lines. You are a brave and noble man with vision and skill. Keep up the good work." (Scot Sothern); "It’s amazing. Certainly harrowing but a very important work. It’s stuff that needs to be seen more and more." (Derek Ridgers); "It's a hell of a book. Very strong, very powerful work. John's the real deal." (Jim Mortram); "Gnarly! Great stuff!" (Ricky Adam); "Serious Reportage" (Kaushal Parikh); "These photos will smack you in the face with reality. Brutally honest, his subjects hold nothing back for his lens. It’s an achievement how comfortable he makes them feel to give him such an honest expression. John gives us access to a grim world." (Japan Camera Hunter).

John's latest book is "Field Of Broken Dreams" which documents the highs and lows of amateur football in Bradford. Published by Fistful Of Books.

John's current on-going projects include Generation Grime (an in-depth study of the West Yorkshire grime scene) and Punk Survivors (intimate portraits of key artists of UK punk rock who made their name in the 1970s and early 1980s).

John's photos have been published widely and his work has featured on book, CD and record covers. His first exhibition, Bradford Raw, was held in Bradford from November 2011 to March 2012. In 2018, his work was featured as part of the best of Grain documentary photography in the Serbian towns of Belgrade, Novi Sad and Uzice.

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